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Study in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students!

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According to The World University Rankings poll, 62% of international students named Canada as their 1st choice, and HERE'S WHY:

  • high academic rankings

  • plenty of job opportunities after graduation

  • safe and secure environment

  • vibrant cultural life

  • geographical beauty

So where to start?

STAY in Canada After Graduation!

Have you heard about the Post Graduation Work Permit?

After graduating from your program in Canada, you can APPLY TO WORK TEMPORARILY or eventually LIVE PERMANENTLY IN CANADA!


  Contact us today for more information!

Canada has 3 different types of post-secondary schools:

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Institutes

Each of them offer either degrees, diplomas, certificates, or other qualifications


For the most part offer:

  • Bachelor Degrees (3 - 4 years to complete)

  • Master's Degrees (1 - 3 + years to complete)

  • Doctoral Degrees (3 + years to complete)

Colleges and Institutes

Canadian colleges are held to much higher standards than colleges in other places of the world and are very similar to universities.  Some colleges are public (the majority) and some are private, which are usually referred to as career colleges. 

Colleges normally offer 1 - 3 year programs and offer diplomas or certificates that qualify graduates to work in specific jobs within many different fields.  Some colleges also now offer Bachelor Degrees. 

Some of these fields include:

  • business

  • computer and mechanical technology

  • health

  • social sciences

  • trades (such as carpenter, electrician, etc.) 

We will help you choose a post-secondary school and apply!

With our team of experts, we will help you narrow down the best option for you, whether that be at a college or university.  We will lay out the details of your tuition costs, application deadlines, options for accommodations, and all other costs you will need to account for.  

We can help guide you in your search and make the visa process a breeze!

Contact us today to start your journey in education in Canada!

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